PhD programs

PhD degree is the third level of higher education in Russia. A research student is expected to undertake a major thesis in one of the specialized areas, supervised by a staff member. Advanced research qualification involves conducting independent research, writing an original thesis and then having an oral examination of student’s work. It takes from three to four years of full-time or part-time study to complete the course. After successful completion of academic program, the student will be given the qualified as “Doctor of Philosophy in Research and Education” (PhD).

MPGU postgraduate programs build on the most relevant areas of research. The University offers postgraduate coursework and a range of higher degrees by research options, each of them providing the opportunity to pursue students’ interests and engage with academics.

MPGU also provides an inspiring and supportive environment to help PhD students achieve all goals of their postgraduate studies.


Admission information for foreign citizens:

  1. Send the following documents to an essay on the future research topic, MA diploma scan, translation of the diploma (in Russian)
  2. Receive the acceptance letter
  3. Follow the steps described in the acceptance letter

All PhD courses are taught in Russian.

MPGU requires Russian proficiency for admission. Prospective students should confirm their competence in the language with B1 or B2 level certificate. MPGU provides reading, writing, and conversation courses for any language level to help you meet our language skill standards.



Administrative department of scientific and educational training

Head of the department Elena Makeeva
Senior training specialist Yulia Lyulchak
Senior training specialist Anna Ivanova
Senior training specialist Oksana Lyalina