Russian Language Training Faculty

Since the 1960s MPGU Russian Language Training Faculty has enabled students from around the world to study the Russian language and culture. With its academic heritage, it provides grammar, phonetics and cultural studies  for today’s world. The courses are graded as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Russian Language Training Faculty belongs to Institute of Philology. It offers courses that aim to improve linguistic, oral, communicative and cultural competency. The language is taught by professional teachers who have University degree in education and necessary teaching certification.

Accumulated pedagogical experience and methodological potential of the staff helps future applicants to start speaking Russian. At the Faculty students not only acquire basic knowledge about the language but also become acquainted with the language of their future profession, learn more about Russian culture and rules of conduct in Russian society. The faculty is interested in supporting Russian science, music and literature. Moreover, a great amount of extracurricular activities are held for students to enhance their knowledge about Russia.

In 2018 more than 1700 students from 75 countries were enrolled in different language courses offered by the Faculty.


There are 5 courses.

The courses in general include:

  • Conversation
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Phonetics
  • Stylistics
  • Basics of speech etiquette — optional
  • Basics of Russian culture and history — optional
  • Russian literature — optional

Optional subjects are provided depending on the length and level of studies.

TypeBasic RussianRussian for university programsShort-term programsLanguage courses and Summer schoolsAdvanced Russian for teachers
Language levelA0-A2A1-C2A0 — C2+A0+C1 — C2+
Goalpass an exam which will allow to study at a University in Russianfunction effectively in the University environmentimprove knowledge of Russianimprove knowledge of Russianteaching in Russian
Duration1 or 1,5 years2/ 3-4/ 4-5 years2 weeks — 1 year2 weeks+10 months
Price250 000 rub for 1 year, 360 000 for 1,5 years250 000 rub for 1 year25 000 rub for 1 monthfrom 25 000 rub80 000 rub
Additional informationprogram includes preparation for the language test on the 1st Certificate level which allows to continue education in Russian universities.intensive course which will allow students to improve their academic Russian literacyfor exchange or any short-term studentscourses can be tailored for needs of indivdual students. Students can follow individual programs of their choice.program is aimed at studying methods of Teaching Russian as a foreign language


MPGU Test Center organizes Russian Proficiency Test that allows students to obtain internatonally recognized  language certificates.

Test Center Contacts

Head of the Center: I. Danilenko
Tel: +7 (495) 438-18-16; +7 (906) 724-47-57


If you decided to enroll in one of the Russian Language Training Faculty programs, MPGU staff will provide you assistance with:

  • Student visa
  • Medical insurance
  • Student ID
  • Living place in MPGU dormitory


Payment options:

  • contract
  • scholarships are provided by the Ministry of Education of Russia


Application deadlines

Applications are accepted until September, 20.

Visa applications can be submitted from May, 15.


Head of the Faculty

Elizabeth Aleksandrovna Hamraeva

Chairperson of pre-university teaching Russian as a foreign language

+7 (495) 438-16-71


Russian Language Training Faculty Contacts


tel: +7 (499) 246 01 23

Room 342

88 Prospekt Vernadskogo,

Moscow, Russia