Bachelor and Master Programs in English and German

Institute of International Education

  1. Bachelor program English and international communication (in English), Linguistics, ref. num. 45.03.02
  2. Master program Modern technologies in teaching English (in English) Pedagogical education, ref. num. 44.04.01
  3. Master program German and contemporary educational technologies/Deutsch als Fremdsprache und Neue Medien (in German) Pedagogical education, ref. num. 44.04.01


Institute of Physics, Technology and Information Systems

  1. Bachelor program Fundamental physics (in English), Physics, ref. num. 03.03.02


Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

  1. Master program Person-oriented consulting (in English), Psychology, ref. num. 37.04.01


Faculty of Regional Studies and Ethnocultural Education

  1. Bachelor program Regional Studies of Russia (in English)  Russian Studies. ref. num. 41.03.02



For more details, please contact International Relations Office or program managers (follow program description links).