Career & Alumni

Aigozel Charyeva

Bachelor’s degree, Institute of Childhood, Turkmenistan

“ My advice to prospective students and graduates is to love the job and try to learn new things not only at the University, but also on your own.”

Biloo nna Suzanne Fannie

Master’s degree,

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Cameroon

“I learned a lot at MPGU, the knowledge I acquired is a good investment in my career. Seize the opportunity! “

Li Xinyi

Master’s degree, Institute of Philology, China

“In MPGU I met many kind teachers and friends. Cherish and enjoy the time here and interact with Russians very actively.”

Liang Shuting

Master’s degree, Institute of Fine Arts, China

“University trained us to be good teachers and professional musicians, thus we need to dedicate our knowledge to the world. MPGU will always stay in my heart.”

Lwin Mar Soe

Master’s degree, Institute of Philology, Myanmar

“The choice to study at MPGU makes one’s dreams and wishes come true. I received new knowledge and was able to meet coursemates from different countries during my student life.”

Narangarav Jamsran

Master’s degree,

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology, Mongolia

“My advice to all students is to be genuinely interested, love subjects that you study, try to learn everything while you are a student. It is fine not to know when you are a student, so don’t be shy to ask your teachers.

Psychology was something absolutely new for me. It was a new field, and studying it in a foreign language was really challenging. But my teachers and friends gave me a helping hand. I managed to see things through, I also changed deeply inside. Time spent at MPGU will always be one of my fondest memories.”

Rahimi Bahamin

Master’s degree, Institute of Philology, Afghanistan

“My preparatory faculty memories are the best. I remember the time when I hardly knew a word in Russian but the teachers were really helpful and kind to students. They helped us not only master the Russian language, but also learn more about the new culture. I can say that the time in MPGU was a great period of my life. My advice to the students is: be productive and hard-working that your teachers can be proud of you. MPGU is the best university to study pedagogy.”

Yang Bingqing

Master’s degree, Institute of Social Studies and Humanities, China

“This city and university opened new opportunities and a new life for me. I am deeply thankful for it. I met wonderful people and learned a lot about Russian culture. I also got high-quality education, and I am sure that the knowledge I received at MPGU will prove useful in my future work in China. I am opening a new chapter in my life — I start planning my career and family life in my home country, and MPGU has served me as my compass and a road map. I admire our teachers, administration, and my university friends. I hope that my job will be related to the Russian-Chinese market, and I will have the opportunity to apply my skills at my work. I also believe that international scientific and educational activity cements friendship between Russia and China, between cultures and people.”

Yang Jie

Master’s degree, Institute of Social Studies and Humanities, China

“I recommend Moscow Pedagogical State University! Graduates have good career opportunities. MPGU has a high level of education, teachers are kind and friendly.”

Zaczynska Joanna Ewa

Master’s degree,

Institute of Foreign Languages, Poland

“Work on a regular basis, be open to the new, participate in events for students, ask for help freely in case any problem appears.”

Zakharova Albina

Bachelor’s degree, Institute of Foreign Languages, Azerbaijan

“Never give up, go to the limit and always believe in good.”

Zhang Jinlei

Master’s degree, Institute of Philology, China

“My motto is: live and learn, not only at the university, but in everyday life as well.
I am grateful to MPGU and to my academic supervisor who was a very experienced and attentive person and helped me to finish my Master studies successfully. ”