Mission and Vision

MPGU mission and vision

The modern mission of our University ensures continuity and culture development of modern Russia by way of restoration of national pedagogical education based on a harmonious balance of traditions and innovations, formation of Russian identity and professionalism of future teachers.

MPGU’s future will be to become a platform for the formation of a new model of pedagogical education that meets academic, moral and social needs of the modern society; MPGU graduates should embody the ideas of the renovated national education. MPGU student of today is a teacher of the future.

MPGU mission is based on the following principles:

  • Education is a means of the social development
  • Creation and adoption of a flexible and adaptable educational environment
  • Development of life-long pedagogical education
  • Public dialogue with scientific and pedagogical community and institutes
  • Openness to foreign educational systems and strategies

For this purpose MPGU designed and has been implementing Development Concept 2017-2020: From the revival to the creation of a new look on pedagogical education. 

MPGU goals in accordance with the Concept are:

from personal perspective:

  1. to develop students’ interest in knowledge, teaching of self-education methods and techniques
  2. to form understanding of life value, personal and national values, of responsible and active citizenship
  3. to develop respect for students’ life experience and colleagues’ professional experience
  4. to encourage life-long self-education and self-development
  5. to develop and support demand for healthy and safe lifestyle by turning the campus into an area of health and sports

from educational perspective:

  1. to modernize educational programs with regard to the development of science, needs of employers, interests of the individuals on the basis of variability and individualization
  2. to develop the practice of creating an accessible educational environment for people with special needs
  3. to develop a system of practice-oriented, psychological and pedagogical training for students, including work with different categories of children
  4. to create educational and methodological support for academic exchanges by developing education programs in foreign languages
  5. to develop and implement new educational technologies and forms of organization of educational and research activities
  6. to develop a network of University branches and schools in Russian regions

from academic perspective:

  1. to monitor publication and research activity for determining the priorities for the University academic activity
  2. to restore the positions of the University as a leading expert center in the sphere of education
  3. to expand networking cooperation with research and educational centers in Russia and abroad
  4. to improve integrative mechanisms of research and educational University activities with high-tech companies, to contribute to the creation of cooperative technological clusters and academic centers (primarily with Russian Academy of Science, Russian Academy of Education)
  5. to facilitate commercialization of scientific and pedagogical products aimed at growing markets
  6. to expand popularization of research results