Center for Student Disability Services



The Center was established in 2014 to ensure that all aspects of student life are accessible, equitable, and inclusive of individuals with disabilities. MPGU recognizes disability as a form of diversity and works to design more welcoming and inclusive environments.

The Center organizes

  • pre-university education and vocational training for students with special health needs
  • inclusive education
  • sociocultural rehabilitation
  • employment assistance
  • creation of a barrier-free environment using special technologies

Technical support for students with disabilities includes

  • lecture halls, study rooms and library places equipped for students with special needs.
  • assistance equipment — mobile lifts, audio equipment
  • for visually impared students: graphic, relief and light indicators, special plates and buttons in Braille, Braille displays and displays which allows to zoom in pictures and text
  • for hearing impared students: radioclasses and acoustic systems designed for individual and collective employment, light alarm system, sign language interpreters translating leactures
  • for physically impared students: ramps, automatic doors, lifts, handrails, special threshold lining; special computer equipment: separate keypad, and a programmed touchpad that replaces a mouse
  • canteens where students with special needs can get food without queuing in all university buildings
  • a free place in the university dormitory for the period of their studies and enrollment period. There are 50 rooms for such students, 4 of them have special equipment for disabled people
  • e-learning system InfoDaMoodle

The University offers the following classes and examinations:

  • elective courses of adaptive physical education. There are 3 groups of students enrolled in the courses and 2 tennis and handball teams. Sport facilities are also equipped.
  • individual psychological consultations
  • classes with surdologist and assistance in chosing portable audio equipment

Students with special health needs may apply for an indvidual study plan.  The plan may include individual classes or in a group. The studing period may be extended for up to 1 academic year for Bachelor degree students and for up to 6 months for Master degree students.


Center for Student Disability Services
Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU)
Office 429 (4th Floor), 88 Vernadsky Prospeсt,
Moscow, Russia, 119571



+7(499)400-02-48 (643)

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:30-18:15
Friday 9:30-17:00.