Institute of Biology and Chemistry

Institute of Biology and Chemistry

Institute of Biology and Chemistry was established in 2014 as a result of merging two faculties: the Faculty of Chemistry and Biology (established in 1900) and the Faculty of Chemistry (established in 1961). The institute has all the necessary modern equipment required for studying and conducting research.
BA and MA programs have 2 profiles, providing with a wide range of possibilities in choosing the future career. About 60% graduates become teachers in Moscow schools; and many of them continue their education in our University.


  • Department of medicine and life safety
  • Department of general chemistry
  • Department of organic chemistry
  • Department of biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics
  • Department of botanics
  • Department of zoology and ecology
  • Department of anatomy and physiology of humans and animals
  • Department of natural science education and communicative technology


  • Pedagogical education, biology and chemistry
  • Pedagogical education, biology and foreign language (English)
  • Pedagogical education, biology and ecology
  • Pedagogical education and biology
  • Chemistry
  • Pedagogical education, chemistry and ecology
  • Biology and bioecology
  • Pedagogical education, Biology and Ecology
  • Chemistry
  • Biology and Neurobiology
  • General Biology
  • Contemporary technologies and methodology of teaching chemistry
  • Theory and practice of teaching biology

Scientific schools of the Institute:

• Protein metabolism of insects and its regulation.
• Ontogenesis regulation and organism`s functions coordination

• Biomorphology of plants
• Population biology of plants
• Ecology of terrestrial vertebrates

Head of the Institute
Svetlana Kamilyevna Pyatunina

Svetlana Kamilyevna Pyatunina
Head of Natural science education and Communication technologies Department
Associate Professor
PhD in Biology


Institute of Biology and Chemistry
Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU)
6/2 Kibalchicha Str., («VDNH» metro station)
Moscow, Russia, 129164