Institute of Philology

Institute of Philology

Institute of Philology, established in 2016, is a successor of the Philological faculty that was established in 1900. The Institute is proud to have a number of brilliant Russian scientists as teachers and researchers: linguist and representative of the Moscow school of phonology A. Reformatsky; philologist  A. Losev; literary critic and philologist V. Vinogradov;  historian N.  Piksanov and many others. Now the Institute is one of the biggest MPGU academic units — more than 2000 students study here.


  • Educational and awareness-raising activity (theology)
  • Russian as a foreign language and a foreign language (English)
  • Russian and a foreign language (English/Chinese)
  • Russian as a foreign language
  • The Russian language and literature
  • Literature and history
  • Russian and inclusive education
  • Foreign philology
  • Applied philology
  • Literature and global art culture
  • Literature and Russian as a foreign language
  • Russian and special pedagogy


  • Applied and theoretical linguistics
  • Russian literature: contemporary interpretations
  • Turkic philology and culture
  • International political and legal discourse
  • International literature in cultural context
  • Slavic philology and culture
  • Teaching Russian in the contemporary sociocultural environment
  • Theory and practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language
  • Contemporary paradigm of teaching Russian
  • Contemporary strategies in literature education
  • Pedagogical engineering in philological education
  • Ancient languages and culture in the context of contemporary education
  • Foreign literature in the context of the contemporary culture
  • Tatar philology
  • Russian literature: from antiquity to modernity
  • Russian language in different communicational spheres
  • Medialinguistics
  • Fundamental and applied linguistics
  • Contemporary literature and reading practices
  • Methods of teaching Russian in polycultural environment
  • Contemporary strategies in teaching literature
  • Rhetoric and language sciences
  • Active processes in philological education


  • School of T. Ladynezhskaya «Communicational rhetoric»
  • Historical, linguistic and comparative school of I. Dobrodomov
  • Contemporary literature in its cultural context
  • School of V. Golubkov «Theoretical foundations of teaching literature at school»
Head of the Institute
Elena Gennadievna Chernysheva

Elena Gennadievna Chernysheva
Associate Professor
PHD in Philology


Institute of Philology
Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU)
1/1 Malaya Pirogovskaya St.
Moscow, Russia, 119435