Institute of Digital Education Development

Institute of Digital Education Development

The Institute was established in 2018, Its main goal is to assist MPGU in becoming an international educational expert in digital learning.

The Institute

  • conducts applied research in the field of digital education, provides advisory services
  • supervises organization and performance of e-learning platform and other forms of distance education technologies in MPGU
  • creates informational, scientific and technological environment at the university for successful performance of such technologies and platforms

Educational centers:

  • Center of book publishing and informational and educational envitonment
  • Center of pedagogical networking
Head of the Institute
Oxana Viktorovna Gordienko

Oxana Viktorovna Gordienko
Associate Professor
Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy
+74994000248 (EXT. 953)

Academic adviser of the Institute
Alexander Mikhailovich Kondakov

Alexander Mikhailovich Kondakov
Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education
PhD in Pedagogy, Professor


Institute of Digital Education Development
Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU)
64 Usacheva Str., Moscow, Russia, 119048




+74994000248 (EXT. 951 or 952)