Faculty of Pre-School Pedagogy and Psychology

Faculty of Pre-School Pedagogy and Psychology

Faculty of Pre-School Pedagogy and Psychology in MPGU is the biggest center of such type in Russia. Its main goal is to develop new methods for pre-school education and to train future professional pedagogues.  The Faculty was established in 1921. Since its first day world-famous scientists and professors have been teaching in our Faculty: Valentin Gorinevsky – one of the first in Russia scientists in physical training, Vsevolod Kashchenko – psychologist and educational specialist, Grigoriy Fortunatov – psychologist, Efim Arkin – the first teacher, who worked out a system of social pre-school Education and many others professionals, working in psychological and pre-school pedagogic fields. Today our Faculty creates and researches on new methodic and systems for Pre-school Education. Our students take part in international conferences around the world, and our alumni are high-qualified educational specialists.


Department of Developmental Psychology
Department of Pre-school Pedagogy
Department of Theories and Methods of Pre-school Education
Department of Aesthetic Education for Pre-school Children


Bachelor Programs

  1. Pre-school Education
  2. Pre-school Education and Elementary Education
  3. Psychology and Pedagogic of Pre-School Education
  4. Additional Education: early artistic development
  5. Psychology and Pedagogic of Pre-School Education
  6. Psychology of Early Development and Pre-school Age
  7. Pre-School Education and Music
  8. Pre-School and Elementary Education
  9. Pre-School Education and Foreign Language (English)
  10. Pre-school Education (Academic Bachelor)
  11. Social Developmental Psychology
  12. Applied Psychology and Educational Technologies
  13. Pre-School Education and Physical Education
  14. Art in Pre-school Education

 Master Programs

  1. Psychological support of children’s development in family and at school
  2. Education for Pre-School children
  3. Health Programs in Pre-School Education
  4. Pedagogic of Pre-School Childhood
  5. Management of Pre-School Education
  6. Artistic and Creative Development of Pre-School Children
  7. Psychological and pedagogical support of preschool children
  8. Organization of preschool education
  9. Gifted child
  10. Psychological and pedagogical education
Head of the Institute
Margarita Yurievna Paramonova

Margarita Yurievna Paramonova
Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy


Faculty of Pre-School Pedagogy and Psychology
Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPGU)
4 Gospitalny Val, Moscow, Russia, 105005