Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Health

The Institute of Physical Education, Sport and Health was created in 2014 on the basis of the Faculty of Physical Education (established in 1992). The Institute has sports and wellness complex which consists of a gym and playing fields for volleyball, basketball, soccer, big tennis, special gym for gymnastics, hall of aerobics and martial arts, and ski area base lodge.


  • Department of PE and sport theory
  • Department of sport disciplines and teaching methods
  • Department of physical training and sport
  • Health and fitness rehabilitation center


  • Adaptive physical culture (for people with health disorders)
  • Physical culture
  • Physical culture and sport training


  • Sport management
  • Sport theory and sport training technologies
  • PE theory and technology

Victor A. Kaverin.
Head of the Department of PE and sport theory
Doctor in History, PhD in Pedagogy
+7 (495) 438-22-53

Deputy directors

Andrey Leonidovich Afanasenkov
Deputy director of studies
+7 (495) 438-0781

Zoya Ivanovna Petrina
Deputy director of scientific and methodical work, senior lecturer


Institute Contacts

119571, Moscow, 88 Vernadskogo prospect Str., metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya
+7 (495) 438-07-81