Institute of childhood

Institute of childhood is a new structure of University but with a great history. It was established in 2014 comprising two oldest faculties – the faculty of defectology and the faculty of elementary education. The goal of the institute of childhood is to prepare specialists with a wide range of knowledge about children and who can also interact with different categories of children.


Tatiana A. Solovyova
The director of the Institute of childhood
Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogy
+7(495) 438-17-81

The deputy director

Elena N. Solomina
+7(495) 438-17-81,

Raisa E. Ides
+7(967) 242-32-94,

Marina A. Oleynikova

Elmira M. Galyamova
+7(903) 110-47-03,,

Elena N. Zemlyansky
+7(495) 438- 79-77,


Faculty of defectology:
  • Chair of anatomy, physiology and basics of defectology
  • Chair of correctional and special psychology
  • Chair of preschool defectology
  • Chair of inclusive education and deaf-and-dumb pedagogy
  • Chair of logopedics

Bachelor`s degree programme

  • Deaf-and-dumb pedagogy
    Full-time education, 4 years
    Part-time education, 5 years
  • Special psychology
    Full-time education, 4 years
    Part-time education, 5 years
  • Oligophrenopedagogy
    Full-time education, 4 years
    Part-time education, 5 years
  • Preschool defectology
    Full-time education, 4 years
  • Logopedics
    Full-time education, 4 years
    Part-time education, 5 years
  • Tiflopedagogics (pedagogy for blind and visually impaired)

Master`s degree programme

  • Inclusive education of children with disabilities
    Full-time education, 2 years
  • Healing pedagogy in preschool defectology
    Full-time education, 2 years
  • Project activity in logopedics
    Full-time education, 2 years
  • Neurodefectology and comprehensive rehabilitation of persons with disorders of communication

Disciplines: educational plan includes humanitarian, social and economic cycles; mathematic and natural scientific cycles and professional cycle. Basic disciplines: pedagogy, psychology, special psychology, life safety, defectology.


Faculty of preschool education
  • Chair of Russian language and methodology of its teaching in primary school
  • Chair of mathematics and informatics in primary school
  • Chair of theory and practice in elementary education
  • Researching and creative activity in primary school
  • Chair of psychology junior pupil
  • Chair of foreign languages in primary school

Bachelor`s degree programme

  • Elementary education and additional education
    Full-time education, 5 years
  • Elementary education and informational technologies
    Full-time education, 5 years
  • Elementary education and foreign language
    Full-time education, 5 years
  • Elementary education
    Full-time education, 4 years

Master`s degree programme

  • Psychological counseling in education
    Full-time education, 2 years
  • Innovative elementary school
    Full-time education, 2 years
  • Psychology of developmentabilities and talent

Disciplines: history, philosophy, economics of education, educational law, foreign language, life safety, cultural studies, political science, informational technologies in education, PE, age-related psychology, speech practice.


  • Dissertation Council
  • Council of young scientists
  • Scientific schools:

Preparing creative teachers of elementary classes

Systemogenesis of activity and capacity of human

Innovations and traditions in primary education

Chair of oligophrenopedagogy

Chair of logopedics

Chair of preschool defectology



119571, Moscow, Vernadskogo prospect Str, 88. metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya
+7 (495) 438-17-81