Faculty of Pre-School Pedagogic and Psychology

Faculty of Pre-School Pedagogic and Psychology is the biggest center in Russia, which works out new methods for Pre-school Education and prepares high-quality teachers for working in this field. Faculty of Pre-School Pedagogic and Psychology has been working since 1921. Since its first day world-famous scientists and professors have been teaching in our Faculty: Valentin Gorinevsky – one of the first in Russia scientists in physical training, Vsevolod Kashchenko – psychologist and educational specialist, Grigoriy Fortunatov – psychologist, Efim Arkin – the first teacher, who worked out a system of social pre-school Education and many others professionals, working in psychological and pre-school pedagogic fields. Today our Faculty creates and researches new methodic and systems for Pre-school Education. Our students take part in International conferences around the world. Our alumni are high-qualified educational specialists, who are needed in work.


Chair of Developmental Psychology
Chair of Pre-school Pedagogic
Chair of Theories and Methods of Pre-school Education
Chair of Aesthetic Education for Pre-school Children


Margarita Yurievna Paramonova
Dean of Faculty, Candidate of Pedagogical Science.
+7 (499) 787-05-84

Bachelor Programs

  1. Pre-school Education (4 years, Part time)
  2. Pre-school Education (4 years, Part time)
  3. Pre-school Education and Elementary Education (5 years, Part time)
  4. Psychology and Pedagogic of Pre-School Education (4 years, Part time)
  5. Additional Education (early creative education) (4 years, Part time)
  6. Psychology and Pedagogic of Pre-School Education (4 years, Full time)
  7. Psychology of Early Development and Pre-school Age (4 years, Full time)
  8. Pre-School Education and Music (5 years, Full time)
  9. Pre-School and Elementary Education (5 years, Full time)
  10. Pre-School Education and Foreign Language (5 years, Full time)
  11. Pre-school Education (Academic Bachelor) (4 years, Full time)

 Master Programs

  1. Psychological support of children’s development in family and at school ( 2 years, Full time)
  2. Education for Pre-School children (2 years, Full time)
  3. Health Programs in Pre-School Education ( 2 years, Full time)
  4. Pedagogic of Pre-School Childhood ( 2 years, Full time)
  5. Management of Pre-School Education (2 years, Full time)
  6. Artistic and Creative Development of Pre-School Children ( 2 years, Full time)
  7. Psychological and pedagogical support of preschool children (2,5 years- Part-time)
  8. Organization of preschool education (2 years-Full-time)
  9. Gifted child (2 years-Full-time)
  10. Psychological and pedagogical education (2,5 years- Part-time)



105005, Moscow, Gospitalny Val str.,4
8 (499) 787 0485,
e-mail: dpp@mpgu.edu