MPGU celebrates Vietnamese Teacher’s Day




Since 1982 Vietnam celebrates Teacher’s day on November 20. Just like in Russia this event is loved by teachers, students and pupils. On this day the Vietnamese express gratitude and respect to their teachers — they organize concerts, give presents and visit their former teachers. In MPGU similar concerts have become traditional. This year Vietnamese Teacher’s day was celebrated on November 15 at the Building for Humanities. Guest of honor, the First Secretary of the Department of Education of the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in the Russian Federation Mr. Li Tien Hung was invited to the celebration. The concert was also attended by Ms. Fam Thi Oang — Chairwoman of the Vietnamese women’s association in Moscow.

Vietnamese union of MPGU students together with students from other Moscow universities perfomed in musicle «Memories». Students beautifully merged classical  and contemporary dances, national and international costumes. Such fusion is a reflection of continuity between generations and respect of the younger generation to its traditions. The celebration was preceded by an exhibition «The Russian Revolution of 1917 and struggle for liberation in Vietnam. War and peace in Indochina in the first half of the 1950s.»


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