Shenyang Vice-Mayor visited MPGU


On September 9, 2019 a delegation from Shenyang (China) headed by Vice-Mayor Jiang Jun. University of Shenyang is an extensive educational complex comprised of faculties, scientific and educational centers, laboratories, clinics, etc. One of the most principal divisions is Institute of Pedagogics that organizes Bachelor, Master, PhD programs, as well as apprenticeships and courses of continuing education.

Upon greeting the delegation MPGU Rector A. Lubkov gave a speech on MPGU history, university  international relationship activity, as well as a joint double-degree program between MPGU and the University of Shenyang. The result of the visit was signing the agreement of cooperation between MPGU and the University of Shenyang. The main areas of cooperation are planned to be student and teacher exchange, apprenticeships and programs aiming at teachers’  professional development.

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