Shanghai Organization for Cooperation held online meeting

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On December 2, 2020, RUDN University within the framework of the XIII Shanghai Organization for Cooperation Education Week (December 1-4, 2020), held an online meeting of the National Rector’s Office of the Shanghai Organization for Cooperation University. The meeting was attended by representatives of universities participating in Shanghai Organization for Cooperation University from Moscow and the regions of the Russian Federation. MPGU was represented at the meeting by Head of International Realtions Office, V. Kruglov  and Director of the Center for Regional Studies and Humanitarian and Educational Cooperation of Institute of Social Studies and Humanities M. Krivenkaya.

The main results of the activities and development prospects in the 2019-20 academic year were presented by the Vice-Rector for International Affairs of the RUDN University Larisa Efremova. Despite the difficulties faced by Shanghai Organization for Cooperation partner universities in 2020, students enrollment in accordance with the allocated quotas continues. On the one hand, the realities of this year prompted some new proposals that were expressed by representatives of Shanghai Organization for Cooperation member states within the framework of Shanghai Organization for Cooperation Education Week on the first day of its work. Among them is creation of a digital Shanghai Organization for Cooperation university etc. On the other hand, there are still topical issues related to a certain imbalance between universities demand, allocation of quotas and real indicators of student enrollment.

Proposals made by the representatives of the national administrations of the Shanghai Organization for Cooperation University from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, China and Russia were discussed further at Shanghai Organization for Cooperation Coordinating Council. Among them — expansion of the list of participating countries due to joining of Pakistan and India. Adding medicine, agronomy, jurisprudence and international journalism to the seven existing areas (energy, economics, ecology, nanotechnology, information technology, pedagogy, regional studies) was also discussed.

At the National Rector’s Office, these proposals received support in connection with e implementation of joint educational programs in all areas. MPGU representatives mad a request for the allocation of 20 quotas for the 2021/22 academic year (for universities in Kazakhstan and China). Such a request was accepted taking into account the program on management in education being developed at MPGU Institute of Social Studies and Humanities. MPGU was included in the cluster of partner universities in the field of Pedagogy; the possibility of a network form of implementing programs in the field of regional studies is also of interest.



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