Russia and China will Answer the Call of New Educational Standards


Teacher’s training in China and Russia will be developing the future of humanity in the years ahead – this was MPGU Rector, Alexey Lubkov’s message at the plenary session of China-Russia Forum “Education of the Future and Future Education”. Today globalization challenges educational systems world-wide: IT-dependency, enormous emotional pressure, negative information and downgrading of teacher’s social status, decline in the level of national consciousness and civic identity — these are just a few of the issues teachers and students face on the daily basis.

These issues should be addressed, according to Dr. Lubkov, by creation and promotion of positive educational technologies, reinforcement of traditional national values, promotion of the Russian language, literature and culture, use of the experience of the past and introduction of complex interdisciplinary approach to education. He added that members of the Russia-China Union have introduced a number of projects – MPGU and BNU Olympiad “Going to Moscow” – its winners will get the chance of studying Philology in MPGU, opening of Moscow Institute of Arts affiliated with Weinan Normal University, Forum on mediaeducation in Moscow and joint students’ training organized by MPGU and Sichuan Normal University. Dr. Lubkov expressed his sincere gratitude to the members of Russia-China Union as well as to a number of Chinese normal universities for long-term relationship.

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