MPGU Tightened Bonds with University of Prešov



For 3 days, August 28-30, 2019 MPGU Rector Alexey Lubkov was visiting University of Prešov in Slovakia. The main purpose of the visit was to conduct negotiations for strenghtening academic and scientific relationships between the Russian and the Slovak universities. Key points of the visit were signing the agreement of cooperation between MPGU and University of Prešov as well as meeting with the Head of the Orthodox church of lands of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. MPGU Rector also had a number of meetings with Metropolitan Rostislav, Rector University of Prešov, Rene Matlovich and others. Other discussions, such as negotiations with Archpriest Stephan Pruzhinsky, Dean of the Faculty of Orthodox theology, were particularly fruitful – he and Pr. Lubkov discussed organization of educational process, scientific activity and scopes of international cooperation in theological area. Pr. Lubkov introduced to his Slovak colleagues activities organized by the Department of Theology of MPGU Institute of Philology, academic course “Foundations of religious cultures and secular ethics”, talked about partnerships with Roman-Catholic Church, Russian Orthodox Church and other religious organizations and denominations in Russia. The Faculty of Orthodox theology also organized a round table “Universities’ role in development of interdenominational dialogue and international relationships”.

The University of Prešov is the only public university in the Prešov self-governing region of Slovakia. It focuses on the areas of social, natural, and theological sciences, sport, arts, management, and health care.

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