MPGU representatives visited National Institute of training teachers in Versailles




On November 24-29, 2019 MPGU delegation of assistant professor of Romanic languages department Denis Zolotukhin and senior translator of International Relations Office Natalya Bulashova visited National Institute of training teachers in Versailles, France (Inspé de l’academie de Versailles). Colleagues visited educational institutions of the Academy of Versailles that train teachers for primary and secondary schools. In linguodidactic classes French teachers demonstrated new technologies for teaching the native and a foreign language and later discussed with the Russian delegates differences between French and Russian systems of pedagogical education.

Zolotukhin and Bulashova also visited Camille Pissarro Lyceum in Pontoise that teaches Russian as a foreign language. Academic staff of the Lyceum expressed hopes for establishing contacts with Russian schools working with MPGU for future cultural and educational student exchange.

Inspé Versaille comprises five French universities and one national institute of vocational education that have a number of MA-degree courses — primary education, secondary education, administrative education, vocational education in culture.


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