MPGU Remains One of the Leading Universities in Russia-China Union of Higher Pedagogical Educational Institutions




On June, 21 MPGU representatives took part in a plenary session of Russia-China Union of Highest Pedagogical Educational Institutions.  The role of MPGU in the work of the Union was highly estimated  by Chinese delegates. For the last several years MPGU has been serving both as a coordinator and a participant, greatly contributed to fostering cooperation between Russian and Chinese universities and development of major academic exchange projects.

MPGU Rector Alexey Lubkov put forward a number of proposals aimed at optimization of organizational work in the medium term perspective. The participants of the session agreed with Dr. Lubkov’s proposals but suggested to prioritize the quality of work of the new participants.

The discussion ended in a constructive spirit. Russian and Chinese parties agreed to continue jointed educational activity and to adopt a new statute for the next 5 years. The 2020 educational forum in Novosibirsk was under discussion as well.

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