Department of Eastern Languages visited China




From September 23 to September 30, 2019 experts on the language policy of the Department of the Eastern languages visited the People’s Republic of China as part of Russian-Chinese project «Creation of the Language Bridge» backed by the Ministry of Education of China and the Center of strategic language research under the State Committee on Languages. The scientists visited a number of state institutions responsible for language politics and language development: Chinese Academy of social sciences, the Confucius Institute Headquarters, the Commercial Press publishing house, Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU), Committe on language and writing  of the Ministry of Education of China, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) and a multimedia corporation Shanghai Media Group.

Associate professor of the Department M. Kaplunova also gave lectures on the issues of language politics of China and Russia and took part in the International Forum on sociolinguistics in Shanghai International Studies University.

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