MPGU delegation in Shanghai Normal University


On November 29, 2019 MPGU delegation headed by Rector Alexey Lubkov visited Shanghai Normal University. The delegation was greeted by the Secretary of the Party Committee Mr. Lin, who added that evolution of pedagogical education in China is based on the principles developed in the Soviet era in MGPI n.a. Lenin, former MPGU. Head of Shanghai International Teachers’ Institute, Head of Teachers’ Educational UNESCO Center Tzhan Mingsuan added that MPGU is very well-known in China even today. Chinese colleagues have particular interest to MPGU know-how in the field of pre-school pedagogics and methods of teaching different age groups.

MPGU delegation visited UNESCO Center of teachers’ education and discussed a possibility of joint research of pedagogical systems and educational standards of both countries. MPGU and Shanghai University will continue collaboration in their joint project. The Universities plan to concludу an agreement between UNESCO Center of teachers’ education and MPGU UNESCO Chair.

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