«Russian Germans: preserving the language — developing ethnicity»



November 3, 2019 was the last day of scientific conference «Russian Germans: preserving the language — developing ethnicity» supported by the International union of the German culture. The purpose of the event is to preserve and support ethnocultural and linguistic diversity, develop the German language and literature of Germans of Russian extraction, develop schools with ethnocultural component and alternative programs of digital education. This was the third event organized in 2019 that strengthens partnership between the two countries. At the opening of the conference Deputy director of the International Relations Office, Olga Morozova underlined the importance of preservation of universal traditions and an educator’s role in teaching German. Her words echoed a speech made by Ambassador of the Federative Republic of Germany in Russia, Dr. Géza Andreas von Geyr, who drew attention to the value of a teacher’s mission and praised preservation of long-lasting pedagogical legacy of MPGU.

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