Institute of Fine Arts


The Institute of Fine Arts was established in August 2015 as the result of merge of the Art and Graphic faculty and the Music faculty. The Art and Graphic Faculty dates back to 1937, when teaching courses for training teachers of drawing and technical drawing were organized. The Music faculty was established in 1959. A. Sveshnikov, the Rector of the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory, took an active part in development of the Faculty.

People’s artists of the Russian Federation, honoured artists of the Russian Federation, academicians of the Russian Academy of Arts and members of the Union of Russian Artists, The International Federation of Artists, The International Art Foundation etc teach at the Institute of Fine Arts. Students take an active part in exhibitions organized by the Moscow Union of Artists, of modern art at the Russian Cultural Centre in Paris, and by various funds and organizations in Spain, Island, Italy, Germany, China etc. Students also peform at  at Moscow State ConservatoryInternational House of Music and so on.


The Art and Graphic Faculty


  • Fine Arts
  • Design
  • Pedagogical education (with two majors), Fine Arts and Supplementary educational
  • Pedagogical education (with two majors), Fine Arts and Foreign language (English).
  • Arts and crafts and folk crafts


  • Design of educational information environment
  • Innovative technology in art education (correspondence study)
  • Design multimedia
  • Design multimedia (correspondence study)
  • Academical painting
  • Design of educational environment
  • Arts in the system of life-long arts education
  • The Art of printmaking in Art education
  • Arts in the historical process


The Music Faculty


  • The variety orchestra instruments
  • The Piano
  • Academic singing
  • Management of musical art
  • The music and Additional education
  • Pop-jazz singing
  • The music
  • Additional (musical) education in the field of variety and jazz art


  • Arts education in the context of Orthodox culture
  • Innovative technologies in modern musical education
  • Music education in the context of Orthodox culture
  • Vocal art (academic and pop)
  • Management of musical art
  • Pedagogy and psychology of music education
  • Musical culture and art

Head of the Institute

Andrew A. Konovalov
Professor, PhD in Philology

+7 (499) 246-00-44


Art and Graphic Faculty
109052, Moscow, Ryazanskiy prospect, 9, metro station Taganskaya
+7 (499) 174-84-86

Music Faculty
115172, Moscow, 3 Novospasskiy lane, housing 3, metro Taganskaya (radial)