Institute of Philology


Institute of Philology, established in 2016, is a successor of the Philological faculty that was established in 1900. The Institute is proud to have a number of brilliant Russian scientists as teachers and researchers: linguist and representative of the Moscow school of phonology A. Reformatsky; philologist  A. Losev; literary critic and philologist V. Vinogradov;  historian N.  Piksanov and many others. Now the Institute is one of the biggest MPGU academic units — more than 2000 students study here.


  • Educational and awareness-raising activity (theology)
  • Russian as a foreign language and a foreign language (English)
  • Russian and a foreign language (English/Chinese)
  • Russian as a foreign language
  • The Russian language and literature
  • Literature and history
  • Russian and inclusive education
  • Foreign philology
  • Applied philology
  • Literature and global art culture
  • Literature and Russian as a foreign language
  • Russian and special pedagogy



  • Applied and theoretical linguistics
  • Russian literature: contemporary interpretations
  • Turkic philology and culture
  • International political and legal discourse
  • International literature in cultural context
  • Slavic philology and culture
  • Teaching Russian in the contemporary sociocultural environment
  • Theory and practice of teaching Russian as a foreign language
  • Contemporary paradigm of teaching Russian
  • Contemporary strategies in literature education
  • Pedagogical engineering in philological education
  • Ancient languages and culture in the context of contemporary education
  • Foreign literature in the context of the contemporary culture
  • Tatar philology
  • Russian literature: from antiquity to modernity
  • Russian language in different communicational spheres
  • Medialinguistics
  • Fundamental and applied linguistics
  • Contemporary literature and reading practices
  • Methods of teaching Russian in polycultural environment
  • Contemporary strategies in teaching literature
  • Rhetoric and language sciences
  • Active processes in philological education



  • School of T. Ladynezhskaya «Communicational rhetoric»
  • Historical, linguistic and comparative school of I. Dobrodomov
  • Contemporary literature in its cultural context
  • School of V. Golubkov «Theoretical foundations of teaching literature at school»



Elena G. Chernysheva
Assistant professor, Doctor of philological sciences
+7 (499) 246-57-12


119991, Moscow, Malaya Pirogovskaya str., 1/1, metro station Frunzenskaya
+7 (499) 246-57-12