Institute of Mathematics and Informatics


Institute of Mathematics was founded in 1900. During its history famous scientific mathematicians and teachers worked here. The faculty cooperates with foreign higher education institutions in Great Britain, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, the USA, Japan, etc.

Among graduates of mathematical faculty are Academicians and members of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Russian Academy of Education, Doctors and Candidates of Physical and Mathematical and Pedagogical Sciences, University teachers, employees of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.



Bachelor`s degree programmes:

  • Applied informatics

Pedagogical education 

  • Informatics and economy
  • Mathematics and economy
  • Mathematics and informatics
  • Informatics and mathematics


  • Teaching Mathematics and Informatics


  • Information technologies in education



Pedagogical education

  • Theory and methods of teaching mathematics
  • Organization of modern information educational environment
  • Theory and methods of teaching geometry in public and specialized schools
  • Mathematical and informatical modelling of systems and processes
  • Basic and advanced teaching of informatics
  • Basic and advanced teaching geometry in public shools


  • Mathematical and informatical modelling of systems and processes
  • Computer sciences and mathematics
  • Mathematics and IT

Pedagogical education 

  • Theory and methods of teaching mathematics
  • Informatics in general and supplementary education

Scientific schools

  • Scientific and pedagogical school of P. Novikov «Development of logical training of high school mathematics teacher»
  • Abelev groups and expansion groups
  • Differential and geometrical structures in diversities
  • Development of teaching mathematics at schools and pedagogical universities
  • Analytical theory of numbers
  • School of sciences on department of elementary mathematics and a technique of training in mathematics: Actual problems of teaching mathematics at school and teacher training university
  • Diophantine approximations and transcendental numbers
  • Teaching mathematics at school and in higher education institution in the environment of differentiated education

Head of Institute 

Sergey Alekseevich Polikarpov


107140, Moscow, Krasnoprudnaya str., 14, metro station Komsomolskaya

107140, Moscow, Gavrikova str., 7/9, metro station Krasnoselskaya