Faculty of pedagogics and psychology

Dean: doctor of sciences, professor, Valeriy Zhog


Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology is one of the oldest in Moscow State Pedagogical University. It was opened on October 17, 1921, and became the first among the teaching faculties in the university educational system. This faculty was the «launching pad» for Speech Pathology Faculty, Faculty of Preschool Pedagogics and Psychology, Elementary School Faculty, Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology. Its first dean was an outstanding scientist, teacher and psychologist Konstantin Nikolaevich Kornilov.

In 1985 Faculty of Pedagogics and Psychology based on the Department of Pedagogics and Psychology of Higher School and the Laboratories of Higher Pedagogical Education separated from the Pedagogical Faculty. Its organizer and dean was the member of Russian Academy of Education, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, Doctor of  Education, Professor Vitaly Alexandrovich Slastenin.

Department of Pedagogical Psychology later renamed into Department of Developmental Psychology and was found on the base of Department of Pedagogics and Psychology of Higher School. Its  head was the member of Russian Academy of Education, Honored Scientist of Russian Federation, Doctor of Psychology, Professor Valeriya Sergeevna Mukhina.

In 2009 Department of  Educational Psychology and Department of  Social Pedagogics and Psychology was found in addition to the existing two departments.

Over the years a number of professors, outstanding educators/pedagogues and psychologists worked at the faculty: P.P. Blonsky, A.B. Brushlinskii, L.S. Vygotsky, V.V. Davydov, L.V. Zankov, I.A. Kairov, V.P. Kashchenko, K.N. Kornilov, V.A. Krutetskiy, N.D. Levitov, E.N. Medynskii, A.P. Pinkevich, A.V. Petrovskii, S.L. Rubinstein, V.A. Slastenin, S.T. Shatsky and others.


Faculty of today includes four departments:

  • Department of Pedagogics and Psychology of Professional Education (Deputy Head of the Department — Doctor of Education, Professor L.S. Podymova). 22 lecturers, among them 8 PhDs and 12 PhD candidates work at the department.
  • Department of Developmental Psychology (Head of the Department — member of Russian Academy of Education, Doctor of Psychology, Professor V.S. Mukhina). 21 lecturers, among them 4 PhDs and 14 PhD candidates work at the department.
  • Department of Educational Psychology (Head of Department — Candidatе of psychological sciences {Cand. Sc. Psychology}, Professor A.S. Obukhov). 8 lecturers, among them 1 PhD and 7 PhD candidates work at the department.
  • Department of Social Pedagogics and Psychology (Head of the Department — Doctor of Philosophy, Professor V.I. Zhog). 21 lecturers, among them 6 PhDs and 12 PhD candidates work at the department .

Cooperation with international and other organizations

The faculty cooperates with German Academic Exchange  Service DAAD, as well as with University of Augsburg (Germany).
Students of this faculty repeatedly obtained the presidential fellowship for foreign education and studied at University of Birminghan (UK).

International Academy of Pedagogical Sciences has been operating on the basis of the faculty since 1999. Its founder and first president was V.A. Slastenin) www.manpo.ru.

Austrian psychotherapist Alfrid Lengle, Doctor of Psychology, MD, professor at the Vienna University and the University of Innsbruck (Austria), President of the International Society for Logotherapy and Existential Analysis (GLE Intertion), director of the Vienna Institute of Existential Analysis and Logotherapy, General Secretary of the Executive Committee of the Psychotherapy International Association, creator of the  existential analysis modern theory, aide-de-camp and successor of V. Frankl, regularly gives public lectures at the faculty.

The faculty began cooperation with Udi Oren, Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, President of the European Association EMDR, co-founder and head of the EMDR Israel office, trainer and supervisor of the EMDR Institute.

In recent years, the Faculty under the aegis of the All-Russian Public Creative Teachers Movement «Researcher» actively cooperates with the International Organization MILSET — that supports SciTech creativity of young people around the world. As well as with regional offices MILSET: MILSET Europe (Europe), MILSET Amlat (Latin America), MILSET Asia (Asia). In collaboration with them teaching and research expedition to Central Mexico in the autumn, 2009; Annual International Research School (annually held in Moscow region since 2008) were conducted under the supervision of A.S.Obukhov. The VIII European Exhibition Expo-Science-2010 (ESE 2010) was carried under the guidance of A.V. Leontovich in the All-Russian Exhibition Centre in the summer of 2010.

Over the recent years the active cooperation has been developing with the Republican scientific-practical center «Daryn» (Kazakhstan) in the direction of scientific and methodical talents up growth support.


Dean’s office:
tel./fax: +7(495) 608-20-08
e-mail: fpp@mpgu.edu