Faculty of arts and graphics

Dean: candidate of pedagogical sciences Vyacheslav Podgornev

Names of famous academicians and professors, painters and sculptors are entered in 70 years of history of the faculty. Leading experts in the field of art – M. V. Alpatov, V. N. Lazarev, N. G. Mashkovtsev worked there; drawing and painting – K.I.Finogenov, P.P. Sokolovskaya, N. P. Khristenko, V.P. Efanov, F.P.Reshetnikov, B. M Nemensky; plotting – V. O. Gordon, G.A.Vladimirsky, A.D.Botvinnikov; training techniques – N. N. Rostovtsev, V.S.Kuzin, E.V.Rustle and many other.

Today, following tendencies of modern education development, the faculty continues to keep and develop fundamental traditions of the Russian art pedagogics. Scientists, artists and teachers work at faculty known in our country and abroad: Lomov S.P., Bartzsitzs R.Ch., Demchev P.G., Ignatyev S.E., Karev A.A., Katkhanova Y.F., Kovalev A.A., Kozlov V.I., Korzinova E.I., Kebedko V.K., Prokofiev N. I., Cheremnykh G. V., Cherny V.D., Yablonskaya T.V. and others.

There are six chairs in the faculty structure : theories and methodics of teaching of the fine arts; drawing; painting; stories of art culture; descriptive geometry, computer graphics and design; arts and crafts. The chairs carry out the preparation of bachelors and experts in four directions and, in 2013, will carry out reception on a competitive basis of students in the following directions:

  1. Pedagogical education, preparation profile: Fine arts and additional education. A full-time course of study, training term — 5 years.
  2. History of arts. Full-time course of study, term of training — 4 years.
  3. Design, preparation profile: Graphic design. Full-time course of study, term of training — 4 years.
  4. Arts and crafts and national crafts. Full-time course of study, term of training — 4 years.

Training on all directions of preparation is conducted on the budgetary and contractual (paid) basis. After obtaining the bachelor’s degree it is possible to continue training in a master studies, and then in postgraduate studies and doctoral studies of MPSU.

The admission to a master studies in 2013 will be carried out  on a competitive basis in the following directions:

  1. Pedagogical education, on master programmes:
    «Art education in information space», a full-time course of study, term of training — 2 years;
    «The fine arts in system of continuous art education», a full-time course of study, term of training — 2 years.
  2. History of arts, on the master program «Art in the historical process», a full-time course of study, term of training — 2 years.

Training on all directions of preparation is conducted on the budgetary and contractual (paid) basis.

Among the main of studied subjects — pedagogy, psychology, methods of teaching fine arts, academic drawing, academic painting, art printing (printing, etching, linocut) and computer graphics, the basics of decorative art (art and art processing technology fabric, wood, metal, ceramics), history of culture, art, design , the foundations of the theory of images, graphic design, design engineering, and others.

From the first course students are engaged in art creativity and research activity, participate in exhibitions and competitions in city and country scales.

The variability of training, considering the individual interests of students and meeting the international requirements of modern education, is realized within courses (modules) for choice:

«Techniques graphics», «Techniques of Painting», «Methodology of Art History», «The methodology of art education», «Digital Media in Education», «The design of the educational environment», «Cultural and educational work on the history of art in the school», «World Art», «Russian folk culture», «Techniques and technologies (artistic textiles, art pottery, etc.)» etc. In specialized audiences the students have possibility to study modern computer software in the field of graphic design.

Since 2012/2013 academic years, besides the main educational programmes, the faculty offers a number of additional educational programmes:

  1. Teacher
  2. The expert in the field of computer graphics and Web design (Web designer)
  3. Web-design
  4. Video-tape editing
  5. Design and art textiles
  6. Design and floristics
  7. Artist and school puppet theater
  8. Potter’s art
  9. Art ceramics
  10. Computer graphics (3D)
  11. Water color and pastel painting
  12. Plein-air painting
  13. Easel painting
  14. Pastel painting
  15. Copying of works of painting and graphics
  16. Easel drawing
  17. Easel sculpture
  18. Book art
  19. Digital photo

The special place in the life of students is occupied by practicians: educational (city and outside) on the fine arts (open-air), museum (in the central museums of the country), pedagogical (in educational institutions of Moscow), production (in printing houses, the design companies, art museums, workshops and other cultural institutions and arts).

The student council organize competitions, humour club, sports competitions, excursions, rest in improving boarding houses and other collective leisure actions for students.

Graduates of the faculty work at in mainstream schools, establishments of secondary, higher professional and additional education, museums, galleries, the research centers, in the sphere of art, design, advertizing.