Faculty of defectology

Dean: doctor of sciences, professor Boris Puzanov

The history of the faculty

The faculty was founded in 1920. In recent decades, defectologists are trained in accordance with state standards of higher education in the field of «special (defectological) education, which includes the following sections:

«Oligophrenopedagogics» – defectologists/specialists for work with children with intellectual disabilities, «Special Psychology» — training defectologists for work with children with various disabilities of psychophysical development, «Sign language pedagogy» — training defectologists for work with children with hearing impairments, «Speech therapy» — training defectologists for work with children with speech disorders, «Special (preschool) Pedagogy and Psychology» — training for defectologists work with preschool children with various disabilities;

The scientists, known in the field of defectology, the authors of school and high school textbooks and programs for all types of special (correctional) educational institutions, and also establishments of health system and social care work at faculty now.

Since 2011 the faculty passed to level system of preparation of defectological staff – bachelors (4 years and masters + 2 years). The faculty has postgraduate study (internal and correspondence) and doctoral studies for training of specialists of the top skills – candidates and doctors of science. Master graduates have a possibility to continue training in postgraduate studies.

Faculty today

The structure of faculty includes 6 departments and the inter-departmental computer center where students study computer equipment which is used also by specialists of faculty in psyhology-pedagogical researches. At the department of logopedics the educational and auxiliary laboratory works, and at the department of preschool defectology – educational and methodical laboratory.

The department of Oligophrenopedagogics. The head of the Department is Professor Boris Puzanov. The department is engaged in studying, teaching, training of children with intellectual disabilities and the subsequent social adaptation and rehabilitation of students of special correctional schools.

The department of Speech Therapy. The Head of the Department is Professor G.V. Babina. The department studies the training, education of children with speech disorders, features of psycholinguistics in speech pathology, the severe forms of speech disorders (aphasia).

Department of preschool defectology. The head of the department is Professor Seliverstov V. I. A focus of interests of department are questions about studying of education and children upbringing with various from of psychophysical development disorder (sight, hearing, intelligence represent to education of children, speeches) of preschool age, a problem of a visual deprivation of preschool children, feature of speech pathology of children of preschool age.

The department of sign language pedagogy: The head of the department the professor Rechitsky E.G. The department studies questions of training, education and the subsequent social adaptation, and rehabilitation of pupils at special correctional schools for children with a hearing disorder (not hearing and hard of hearing), development of acoustical perception and the integrated training of children with a hearing disorder differentiated by an approach to training of perception and reproduction of oral speech.

Dean’s office:

  • Dean: doctor of sciences, professor Boris Puzanov
  • Deputy Dean on Academic Work –professor Julia Kostenkova
  • Deputy Dean on Academic Work– associate professor Larissa Plutalova
  • Deputy Dean on scientific work – professor Vladimir Seliverstov
  • Deputy Dean on educational work –associate professor Elena Solomina

Creative and public work of faculty

The teachers of the departments and students as organizers, members of scientific committees, speakers actively participate in the International, All-Russia, regional Conferences, seminars, forums, in the various countries: The USA (Washington, Rochester), France (Paris), Italy (Rome), China (Beijing), the Czech Republic (Prague), Sweden (Stockholm), Finland (Helsinki), Israel (Jerusalem), Poland (Warsaw), Greece (Athens, Thessaloniki), are winners of the Interuniversity Scientific Olympiads, festivals, including in Greece. Students of faculty take part in performances of national creative collective «Angels of hope», in Paralympics games, champions of the European, world championships and Surdo-Olympiad (sign language) in Taipei (Taiwan).

The graduates of the faculty work in different corners of the world in the rank of the deans managing departments, laboratories, heads of the Centers of rehabilitation, leading experts in the USA, Japan, Germany, Poland, Australia, at Cuba, Israel, Chile, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Syria, Greece, in Cyprus, etc. Among them there are poets, journalists, public figures.

Student’s life

Student’s scientific circles work at faculty. All circles are incorporated in faculty students’ scientific society. This society annually carries out interuniversity conferences of students of all defectological faculties of the country. The best student’s works are highlighted at faculty, all-university, city, All-Russia competitions, are published in the press.

At faculty works psychology-medico-pedagogical consultation within which reception and survey of children with development violations are conducted. Students participate in this work also.

The students also actively participate in sports competitions as a part of national teams of faculty and university on different types of sports.

The student with a hearing disorder, the prize-winner of Surdo-Olympiad games, Lotina Olga won 4 gold and 2 silver medals at competitions on bowling in Novokuznetsk on May 15-29, 2011 (within selection round to the European championship and the world).

Lessons «A technique of teaching of subject and practical training» come to an end with examination in the form of intellectual Humour Club. All 4th course students from sign language department take part in it.


The Defectological faculty has 106 contracts with practical educational institutions on the basis of which the pedagogical practice of students is carried out.

At sign language department the project «Give a child the happiness of communication» was developed. The participants of the project are students of the 5th course with a hearing disorder — Gorshkov Mikhail, Rozdestvenskaya Irina, Lotina Olga and Semenova Diana organized cultural – mass and sporting events during spring vacation of 2011 for deaf orphans of the Center psyhology — medico-social support «Echo» of Yekaterinburg.


The faculty has stable relations with educational institutions. The teachers carry out joint scientific and methodical work with practical establishments on the subject connected with activization of correctional and pedagogical work, carrying out of obligations within contracts on cooperation and mutual aid (for example: reports at methodical associations of schools and kindergartens, consultations of children and diagnostics of difficult cases of speech and mental disorders, lecturing for logopedists and tutors, preparation of attestation documentation on teachers-logopedists, synthesis of the best pedagogical practices, etc.)

Under the direction of teachers of department the joint release with educational institutions of educational and methodical grants is carried out. In base practical establishments the seminars, master classes are also held. Under the direction of teachers of department experimental platforms (with public educational institution No. 1853, public educational institution No. 1707, education Center Public Educational Institution «Health school» No. 943, Public Educational Institution Elementary school – kindergarten of the combined look No. 1815, DOW No. 2246) work.

International and other organizations

For many years the faculty cooperates with charity fund of the help for children with violations of the development «DINAODA». The students take part in the organization of carrying out holidays, creative competitions and sports competitions to children to development violations.

In 2010/2011 the students of the faculty as volunteers worked at carrying out «DAYS of CULTURAL AND HISTORICAL HERITAGE of the CITY OF MOSCOW», in summer recreation camps from the International public charitable organization the Center of the national help «RINGING OF CHURCH BELLS» in Russia (The Black Sea coast), Croatia, Turkey, Slovenia, Montenegro, Ukraine (Crimea), participated in the XXII festival of children’s creativity «HOPE».


Dean’s office of defectological faculty – (495)-438-17-81
Address: Russian Federation, Moscow, prospect Vernadsky, 88.
Phone: +7 (495)-438-17-81