Faculty of elementary classes

Dean: Professor Lidia Kovrigina


The faculty has been working in the pedagogical faculty of the 2nd Moscow State University since 1921. For the first time the department which trains specialists for stage 1 on education and training of primary school age was opened in the system of education. In 1934 the school department became the pedagogical faculty of MSPI, where the preparation of teachers of elementary school with the higher education began. In 1985 the faculty of elementary school was allocated from the pedagogical faculty. It has three branches: full-time, part-time and distance learning. Since 1994 there is the reception of graduates of pedagogical colleges for which the corresponding curriculum with the reduced term of training was developed.

The faculty today

The dean of faculty of elementary classes is candidate of physical and mathematical sciences, professor Lydia Pavlovna Kovrigina.

At faculty work:

  • Academician of the Russian Academy of Education, Professor, doctor of psychological sciences V.D. Shadrikov;
  • Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Education, Professor, doctor of pedagogical sciences A.N.Dzhurinsky;
  • Honourable professor of MPSU, doctor of pedagogical sciences A.E.Dmitriev.

Among the teachers of the faculty there are famous scientists in the field of pedagogy, psychology and methodology of primary education, and other fields of science, the authors of textbooks and teaching materials for the elementary school, and also for students of Pedagogical Universities — professors: L.P.Kovrigina, S.P.Baranov, L.A.Bezborodov, L.K.Veretennikova; A.S.Dobrotvorsky, E.N.Zemlyansky, L.P.Katlinsky, D.I.Latyshina, A.A.Lokshin, K.V.Makarova, O.V.Sosnovskaya, G.A.Suvorov, T.S.Troitsk, A.L.Chekin.

The Faculty has magistracy, post-graduate and doctorate.

Conferences and seminars

Traditionally, at the elementary school faculty the inter-university student scientific conference «Theory and practice of teaching Russian language in primary school» is held.

The conference is held on the basis of the chair of Russian Language and Methods of Teaching at the Elementary School of Moscow State Pedagogical University since 1986. The organization of this conference pursues the following purposes:

  • the improving the efficiency of teaching of Russian language at elementary school by graduates of faculty of elementary classes; education of love to a subject and desire to engage in research activities in the walls of the university and after the graduation;
  • consolidation of efforts of teachers of various Pedagogical Universities and colleges, the exchange of experience;
  • selection of candidates for admission to graduate MPSU (among students of universities).

More than 60 people representing different Pedagogical Universities and colleges of Russia are supposed to participate in the conference. The plenary session to which it is planned to invite authors of modern textbooks on Russian for elementary school will be held and also the work of sections on the following directions will be organized:

  • The problems in literacy education and school preparation for children 5-7 years.
  • Questions of teaching reading and literary education of primary school children in today’s schools.
  • Language education of younger school students.
  • Speech development at lessons of the native language at elementary school.
  • Problems of training of spelling of pupils of elementary school.
  • Questions of history of Russian language at the lessons at elementary school.

At the meetings of educational-methodical commission on pedagogy and methodology of primary education in 2010/2011 academic year, there discussed the questions of the introduction of the Federal State standard primary education and implementation of GEF VPO in «Teacher Education» (profile «Primary education) the formations of professional competences of students of faculty of elementary school, problems of an associativity of level of the higher and secondary professional education, questions of combination of profiles of preparation of bachelors in the Pedagogical education direction:» Primary education and the Foreign language (English). «Primary education and Informatics», using the information and communication technologies in the process of preparation of the primary school teacher, a question of development of modules for choice of the student: «Preschool education», «Actual problems of teaching of subjects at elementary school», «Spiritual and moral education and development of younger school students by means of subjects», «Organizational and creative work with children of younger school age in system of additional education» (Primary education profile); «Computer technologies and telecommunications», «The contents, structure and conditions of efficiency of application of IKT» elective part of a professional cycle of disciplines of the curriculum of preparation of bachelors in the Pedagogical education direction (a profile «Primary education and Informatics»);» «Historical aspects of English», «sociocultural aspects of English», «modern technologies of education foreign», «modern English as system» (profile «Primary education and Foreign language (English)».

Leading Scientific Schools

Scientific School «systemogenesis activities and abilities of people» (headed by Academician of RUSSIAN ACADEMY OF EDUCATION , Professor V.D. Shadrikov).

Scientific School «Preparation of the creative primary school teacher» (the head is the Honourable professor of MPSU Dmitriev A. E.).