Scientific and research complex

Scientific and research complex of Moscow State University of Education is presented by 13 educational-scientific centers and 8 research-educational centers, science and research institutes and laboratories.

Vice-rector of scientific work is doctor of physico-mathematical Sciences Podolskyi Vladimir Eugeneivich.

Department of postgraduate study deals with the problems of training scientific-pedagogical personnel in the postgraduate study and applicants attached to chairs for passing qualified examination with ultimate goal to end their work on dissertations.

The key point of the scientific complex of Moscow State University of Education is its scientific and researching division which operates in order to develop and increase research efficiency of scientific researches and to ensure the unity of scientific and educational work in the university.

The main mission of scientific and research division is organization and conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of natural, humanitarian and technical sciences, the research of actual problems of development of higher education, acceleration of introduction of scientific and research work`s results, attracting teachers, students and postgraduates to take part in scientific and research work, creating conditions for using results of research in educational  process.

Scientific and research division of Moscow State University of Education conducts researches in contact with other universities, organizes joint scientific research, holds conferences, meetings and publications of scientific works.