Science and Research Complex

MPGU Science and Research Complex includes Scientific Centers, Scientific Educational Units, Scientific Schools and laboratories.

The cornerstone of the complex is the Research Unit which supervises development and improvement of the efficiency of scientific research and monitors cohesion of scientific and educational work at the University.

The main tasks of the Research Unit are:

  • organizing and conducting basic and applied research in the field of natural and technical sciences and humanities
  • developing a common strategy for addressing the relevant issues of higher education programs
  • accelerating the implementation of the findings of the research unit
  • engaging students and teachers in research
  • creating environment for research results implementation in educational process

The Research Unit is responsible for organizing research with other institutions of higher education, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Authors’ Society, organizing conferences, meetings, collaborative research and scientific publications.



Senior Specialists: E. Salonikes , N. Bondareva

Room 119, 1/1 M. Pirogovskaya Str.,

Moscow, 119991, Russian Federation

Phone: +7 (499) 246-28-24