Scientific Schools

Institute of Biology and Chemistry

  • Insect protein metabolism and the mechanisms of its regulation
  • Ontogeny of regulating and coordinating functions of organism
  • Plant biomorphology
  • Populational biology of plants
  • Ecology of terrestrial vertebrates
  • Taxonomy and synecology of soil animals
  • Scientific and educational basics of teaching zoology and ecology
  • School of Pr. Nifantyiev

Institute of Childhood. Faculty of Defectology

  • Correctional and developmental technologies in surdopedagogics
  • Central mechanisms of speech disorders
  • Psycho-pedagogical support of preschool children with disabilities.
  • Scientific school of H.Zamskyi
  • Scientific school of Pr. Yagodovskyi: methodology of studying natural science as psychological and educational guidance and cognitive processes of pupils with mental deficiencies

Institute of Childhood. Faculty of Primary Education

  • Training of creative teacher of elementary classes
  • Innovations and traditions in primary education
  • Quality management of professional education
  • The history of education and pedagogical concepts

Institute of Socio-humanitarian Education

  • Cognition in the context of culture
  • Scientific school of T. Shamova “Educational systems management”

Institute of Physics, Technology and Information System

  • Scientific school of the Department of general and experimental physics
  • Scientific school of A. Shpolskyi

Institute of Philology

  • Scientific school of Pr. Ladyzhenskaya. Rhetoric of communication
  • Historical-linguistic school of Pr. Dobrodomov
  • World literature in cultural context
  • Scientific school of V. Golubkov. Theoretical basics of teaching literature in school

Faculty of Geography

  • Biogeochemistry of disseminated metals and geochemistry of landscapes
  • Methods of teaching geography in pedagogical universities and schools
  • Social and economical geography
  • Geological and environmental researches and geological and ecological education
  • Theoretical and applied landscape researches

Faculty of History

  • Scientific school of V.N.Dyakov: the history of ancient civilization
  • Scientific school of V.F.Semenov
  • Russian contemporary history: economy, politics, ideology
  • Scientific school of P.V.Gora

Faculty of Mathematics

  • Scientific-pedagogical school of P. Novikov: improving the logical preparation of mathematics teacher in high school
  • Scientific school “Significance of informatics in school and higher education”
  • Abelian groups and their extensions
  • Differential and geometric patterns in their diversity
  • Improving the teaching of mathematics in school and pedagogical university
  • Scientific school of the Department of elementary mathematics and methodology of teaching mathematics: Current problems in mathematics education in school and pedagogical university
  • Analytic number theory
  • Diophantine approximations and transcendental numbers
  • Methodology of mathematics education in school and university in the context of differentiated education

Faculty of Music

  • Development of general and special (musical) abilities during the music learning process
  • Methodology of music and pedagogical education

Faculty of Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology

  • Scientific school of preschool pedagogy
  • Cultural problems of arts education
  • Scientific school of preschool linguodidactical problems
  • Scientific school of the Department of age psychology

Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology

  • Person-oriented professional education
  • Phenomenology of development and existence of the individual
  • Socialization and upbringing