Alexey V. Lubkov, Prof., DPhil., Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education 

A. V. Lubkov was born in Moscow in 1960. He studied history (1978-1983) in MPGU (at the time MPGI n.a. Lenin). In 1990 became Ph.D. student of the USSR history and the same year Associate Professor of Modern History Department.

1991 — 1998 Dean of the MPGU Faculty of History.

1998 — 2006 the first MPGU Vice-Rector and Professor of the Modern History Department.

2006 Professor of the Social Humanities Department in Moscow Institute of Open Education

2006 — 2013 Vice-Rector in Moscow Institute of Open Education.

2013 — 2014 returned to MPGU as Vice-Rector and Archive and Museum curator.

2016 Assistant Director in the of the Higher Education State Policy Department .

Since 2017 A. V. Lubkov is MPGU Rector.