Physics in English


Modern Physics
at Moscow Pedagogical State University
International Study Programme (in English)

The 4-year Bachelor (BS) International Study Programme.

Language of the Programme: English.

Students: intended for students who want to accelerate access to the present-day level of research and technology.


Key features of the Programme:

  • hands-on learning; study of fundamental concepts involving experiments
  • participating in high-tech engineering and production
  • individual planning and support per student;
  • involvement in international research.


Additional skills:

  • working in teams,
  • scientific communication, text-

The best research and graduation papers are reported at international conferences and published in leading international journals.


Job opportunities: research and technology companies, institutes and universities.


The Programme is about research, people and interaction, ideas and curiosity.


Subject areas:

  • Fundamental and Experimental Physics,
  • Mathematics,
  • Computing,
  • Applied Physics,
  • Technological Innovations.



            classical fields:

  • mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, molecular physics, atomic physics.

            modern research fields:

  • nano-electronics and nano-photonics,
  • Terahertz technologies,
  • high-temperature superconductivity.


The Programme is hosted by the Institute of Physics, Technology and Information Systems in the down-town Moscow (next to the famous Novodevichy Monastry).

Modern dormitories are provided for students.

Russian Government covers full-cost scholarships for 10 best applicants for the Programme. Other financial support is available.

Next academic year starts on September 1, 2016.

The deadline for submitting applications is July 26, 2016. For the countries, where Russian visa is needed, the deadline is July 1, 2016.


Moscow Pedagogical State University was founded in 1872. World-leading physicists S. Chaplygin, A. Stoletov, I. Tamm, E. Shpolsky, E. Lifshitz worked here.



+7 (499) 246-87-62.


Location: 29 Malaya Pirogovskaya St, Moscow, 119435, Russia.


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