Regional Studies of Russia


In 2022 Moscow Pedagogical State University launches a Bachelor’s Program 41.03.02 «Regional Studies of Russia», Profile: Ethnocultural Regional Studies.

The program is implemented by the UNESCO Chair «International education and the integration of migrants» of the Faculty of Regional and Ethnocultural Education of the Institute of Socio-Humanitarian Education, MPGU.

Form of training: part-time program. Length of program: 4 years and 6 months.

The program is taught in Russian, some subjects in Russian and English.

Entrance tests: Russian language test and interview on the subject of specialty.


A specialist in regional studies is a promising new profession.

At the end of the program you will have knowledge of a particular region and international context, be able to communicate with speakers of different languages and representatives of different cultures, get systemic and critical thinking, and an integrated approach to understand social and political process.

Mastering the educational program «Regional Studies of Russia» (Ethnocultural Regional Studies) is based on the interdisciplinary principle and is aimed at forming a pool of specialists who, having intercultural competence and skills to work in the multicultural environment of Russia and the world, are able to work successfully both in their countries and at the international level.


Features of the program at MPGU: study of Russia in the context of world civilizations, emphasis on interethnic and inter-confessional relations, knowledge of migration policy and international relations, best practices of poly- and ethno-cultural education in Russia and abroad.

The program guarantees the graduates’ knowledge in the educational policy in the regions of the Russian Federation and neighboring countries with the special attention to the practice of work in the multicultural educational environment. The object of the graduate’s professional activity is economic, socio-political, historical-cultural and humanitarian-educational space of Russia as a whole region and taking into account its regional diversity.


The graduate’s areas of professional activity are related to a comprehensive knowledge of Russia as a whole region and practical skills in the sphere of intercultural interaction. You will be able to realize yourself in the following areas:

  • educational and humanitarian cooperation at the interregional and international levels
  • management of education, including at the regional level
  • team management and educational administration at various levels
  • academic and teaching work
  • research, consulting and expert activities
  • cultural and educational activity
  • news agencies and mass media
  • intercultural communication and conflict prevention
  • interpretation and translation, and many others.


Dear foreign applicants! We are waiting for you at MPGU.  


Official web-site:

The application and enrollment process is through the applicant’s personal account.

Inspection Board: +7 (499) 702-4141; +7 (495) 438-1847; +7 (495) 438-1857

Address: Prospect Vernadskogo, 88, room. 550 (Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station)


If you have any questions, please, be free to contact:

Academic Supervisor of the Educational Programme: Mrs. Marina A. Krivenkaya, Director of the Center for Regional Studies and Humanitarian and Educational Cooperation, Associate Professor and Coordinator of UNESCO Chair, PhD in Philology, +7 916 678-4623

Mrs. Marina V. Dorokhova, specialist of the UNESCO Chair, lecturer of Russian as a foreign language, +7 (925) 349-4332