Rector’s greeting

Alexey V. Lubkov

MSPU Rector, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor, Corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Education

Our University is one of the oldest Russian Universities and this imposes on us certain obligations concerning the whole system of education in Russia as well as pedagogical universities.

Our understanding of University history is connected with the synthesis of traditions and innovations.

Our main task deals with maintenance of continuing history of MSPU, development of its glorious traditions and defining the future appearance of our University.

Talent, self-sacrifice, loyalty to the professional choice and civil responsibility for the education of younger generation have always distinguished graduates of our University – its honor and fame.

It is necessary to harmonize the unity of common culture, axiological, psychological and pedagogical, fundamental and objective and methodical components during the process of preparing future teachers, to train cultured, creative people who are able to react quickly and adequately to the challenges of time.

We have to create the pedagogical university of the XXI century.