Work Programme

1. Preparation. 09.01.2015 — 01.31.2016
• Development of a detailed plan-schedule;
• Development of detailed module program: key ratios and lectures, webinars, workshops, discussions, content
• Development of case studies, practical, control and test items;
• Development of e-learning course materials for distance learning module for various target audiences;
• Invitation environmental practitioners, representatives of state and municipal government;
• Organization of a workshop to present and discuss the module with the participation of experts from the EU countries (using webinar technology);
• Preparation of handouts for students, schoolchildren and other participants.
• Creation materials for distance learning module;
• Scientific thesis development.

2. Implementation. 02.01.2016 – 06.30.2018
• Training of students of Master’s programs «Ecology megacities», «Human & Social Biology», master’s degree programs in areas of «Sociology», «State and municipal management», «Organization of work with young people», «Pedagogy» and «Journalism» SMSUH.
• Conduct seminars, discussion forums, workshops for students enrolled in schools in Moscow and the Moscow region in the pedagogical practice under the guidance of leading professors in the field of pedagogy.
• Participation of students in Ecology Summer School in Berlin;
• Initiation, development, evaluation and selection of student and schoolchildren environmental projects developed according to EU studies.
1) Number of students and trainees module for each master’s program;
2) Tests grading;
3) Number of master’s theses devoted to the study of best practices in the EU environmental management and urban policy of the EU.
4) Number of scientific and popular publications, reflecting the problems of studying and disseminating the experience of the EU in the field of urban management, taking into account ecological principles.
5) Number of developed and implemented student and school socio-environmental projects, activities and initiatives.
The total number of teaching hours — 288.

3. Follow-up and dissemination of experience. 01.02.2018 to 08.03.2018
• Organization of a round table for teachers of other universities in Russia and the countries of the former Soviet Union;
• Preparation of analytical report with recommendations to the Ministry of Education and Science RF and Moscow Government Department of Education on implementation of educational module in the educational process masters and dissemination of the EU
• Publication of information materials on the results of the project in popular youth magazines
1) Number of round table participants;
2) online media materials;
3) Number of publications;
4) Number of downloads of materials on project website in the public domain;
5) Number of users joined module pages in social networks.


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