The chair of medicine and life safety

The chair of Medicine and Life Safety is teaching (lectures, seminars, laboratory work, etc.) in 17 faculties MPGU. Except general professional disciplines in accordance with state standard of higher professional education «Age of anatomy, physiology and hygiene», «Fundamentals of medical knowledge and a healthy lifestyle», «Safety» are read courses and courses on choice relevant to modern topics, such as: «Adolescent Reproductive Health», «planning of the family», «Medical genetics», «biosocial development of a healthy man (person)», «Prevention of infectious diseases», «Neuro-physiological basis of thinking», «School of the mother «, «food Hygiene with the basics of microbiology», «On culture of Health» and so on.

Teachers of the department provide study of disciplines of specialization «Human security and educational institutions» at the Faculty of Technology and Entrepreneurship.

The staffs of the chair are doing a great scientific and research work on health, rehabilitation and safety. Are conducted research «Development of fundamental and organizational bases of medical and pedagogical support of mass health improvement of students» and «Development of theoretical and institutional framework of discipline «life safety».

Scientific directions of the department of medicine and life safety.

  • The essence of health and improvement of health of mass of youth, population.
  • Fundamental and applied questions of safety of life.