Publishing Policy

The editorial policy of the journal is based on the ethics of scientific publications.

Focus and Scope

The goal of the journal is to provide the scientific community with objective information about the current state of Pedagogy and Psychology in the field of Education. The main objectives of the editorial board of «Pedagogy and Psychology of Education» is the following:

  • Reflection of the course and results of modern theoretical, methodological and experimental research on Pedagogy and Psychology aimed at the improvement of the quality of teaching and educational process at all levels of the system of continuous education;
  • Publication of research results on Pedagogy and Psychology of education in the history of the pedagogical thought of the country and the world;
  • Highlighting the processes of integration of Russian education in the educational space of the CIS countries and the world educational space;
  • Discussion of topical issues related to psychological, pedagogical scientific and methodological support for the implementation of the main directions of modernization of pedagogical education in Russia.

Plagiarism detection

All materials received by «Pedagogy and Psychology of Education» editorial board use native Russian-language plagiarism detection software Antiplagiat to screen the submissions. If plagiarism is identified, the COPE guidelines on plagiarism will be followed.

Disclosure and Conflict of Interest

Unpublished materials disclosed in a submitted manuscript must not be used in a reviewer’s own research without the express written consent of the author. Privileged information or ideas obtained through peer review must be kept confidential and not used for personal advantage.

Reviewers should not consider manuscripts in which they have conflicts of interest.

Open Access Policy

«Pedagogy and Psychology of Education» is an open access journal as the editorial board follows the principle of open access policy to the results of research that leads to the development of science and global collaboration and knowledge exchange.


Author fees

Publication in «Pedagogy and Psychology of Education» is free of charge for all the authors.

The journal doesn’t have any article processing, submission or publishing charges.