MPGU is focused on promoting,  academic and scientific cooperation world-wide. We welcome international students and teachers who want to study and teach at our University and we also provide support for MPGU students and teachers who wish to experience educational opportunities abroad. More than 2000 foreign students study in MPGU and we give particular attention to assist foreign students who come to Moscow.

University International activities are based on scientific and cultural cooperation with foreign educational institutions. MPGU has established close relationships with more than 90 foreign organizations and universities and successfully collaborates with its partners in terms of student and academic staff exchange, scientific projects, conferences and seminars. One of our short-term priorities is to motivate MPGU students to be actively engaged in mobility programs endorsed by EU and other countries’ educational organizations.

We also strongly believe in the future of internship programmes primarily in the fields of preschool and school education and welcome all  institutions which are willing to organize such progammes with us. Moscow Pedagogical State University is open to new ideas and looking foward to develop new partnerships.

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