Collection of works of Russian and foreign art

MPGU is the only non artistic university in the country that has a collection of works of domestic and foreign art of XVIII – the first half of the XX centuries. Some individual works are dated the XVIII century. The base was the collection collected by the founder and the first director of Academy of pedagogical sciences of RSFSR, served the envoy of the USSR in France, the deputy the people’s commissar of foreign affairs V.P. Potyomkin.

The basis of an art collection is works of Russian artists as XIX – the first half of the XX centuries. An ornament of this collection is the paintings by I.E.Repin, V.A.Serov, K.A.Korovin, L.V.Turzhansky, V.D.Polenov.

Besides works of Russian artists, there are works of foreign authors in the collection. The bronze sculptures are presented there: «Bather» of the famous French sculptor to E.M.Falkon, a copy from the Roman copy of «Vacationer Hermes» of Lysippus.

The art collection also includes original (not printing) works of graphics representing historical and art interest. There are the works of  I.Y.Bilibina, P.K.Klodta, M. P. Klodta, L.Lermitta, K.Beleza and Dzhallina.

Collections of works of art of MPGU reflect many parties of art life of Russia of the second half of XIX – the first half of the XX centuries.