MPGU Museum




MPGU Museum was founded in 1991 as a merger of the MPGU Center of Historical Studies (1990-2000) and History Museum (2001-2015). Total area of the museum is 150 m2. The museum is not only one of cultural activity centers, but also a proud keeper of MPGU scientific and pedagogical traditions, its exhibits connect university’s past with its present. The museum has four exhibition halls: «Women’s Courses of Higher Education», «MPGI named after Lenin in WWII 1941-1945», «MPGU today», an archaeological hall (which is also Department of History educational center) and 5 scientific collections:

  1. Collection dedicated to history of Moscow State Pedagogical University and higher pedagogical education
  2. Zoological and ecological collection named after Professor A. Kotz of the Institute of Biology and Chemistry
  3. Geological-mineralogical collection of the Faculty of Geography
  4. Botanical collection «Herbarium named after Professor A. Elenevskiy (MOSP)» of the Institute of Biology and Chemistry
  5. A private collection dedicated to sport and the Olympic Movement

In 2014 MPGU Museum became a nominee for the prestigious award «European Museum Forum of the Year Award 2014». It is the only museum in Russia nominated for UNESCO and European Council award.

From 3500 to 7000 students, pupils, delegates and Moscow citizens visit MPGU History Museum annually.

Open hours:

Monday-Thursday 9:30-18:15

Friday 9:30-17:00

Group visits are available by reservation.


Tel. +7 (499) 4000-248 (648 or 649)