Chemistry Department Building

The Chemistry Department is situated in Moscow’s old district of Khamovniki. The year 1812 was significant for the building. The building was spared by the Great Fire of Moscow. Besides, famous philanthropist N.B. Shakhovskaya (married name: Trubetskaya) was born that year. According to her suggestion, the Women’s committee of the Moscow branch of the Russian Society of Care about Wounded and Sick Soldiers was created here in 1868. Later the society was transformed into the Russian Red Cross Society.


In 1933, the Natural Science Department was established in the building. Until the beginning of WWII the Dean of the Department was famous scientist Professor B. Vsesvyatskiy, specialist in natural science.


In 1946, the Institute was named after V. Potemkin. The main building of the Institute was located in Denisovskiy side street. Today the Faculty of Mathematics of Moscow Polytechnic University is situated there.