Medical Center

About student’s office of State budgetary institution of health care «City policlinic No. 56 of Department of health care of Moscow» (hereafter GBUZ «GP No. of 56 DZM»)

MPGU students have possibility to address for medical care in university health posts, and also to receive consultations of experts and to pass inspection in student’s office of GBUZ «GP No. of 56 DZM» to the address: Moscow, Plyuschikha St., 42/2.

For this purpose in registry of policlinic No. 56 special «window» where the medical registrar will provide to students all necessary information was created.

In structure of student’s branch there are the qualified experts: neurologist, endocrinologist, gynecologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, infectious disease, surgery, dentistry, physical therapy doctor. All doctors of student branch have the highest qualification category.

Before the visit of City policlinic it is necessary to visit the therapist of one of the health post of the university. He will give direction to the specialist, clinical or biochemical analysis of blood, electrocardiogram, FVD, ultrasonography, FG, ECHO. The students can receive the results of inspection in university health posts.

The health posts of the university are equipped with ECG pneumotonometry, apparatus Rotta, and slit lamp. There are all conditions for maintaining documentation and forming the monitoring base.

In the health posts there are equipped dental cabinets, where it is possible to get not only a survey, but also get treatment.

Besides survey and consultations, the therapists of health posts of the university carry out the immunization of students (vaccine prevention of flu, a rubella, measles etc.), control the work of nutrition units, carry out check of a sanitary-and-epidemiologic condition of public catering of the university.

The staff of International Relations Office will inform foreign students about the rules of visiting the policlinic and the time of its work.