Institute “Higher school of education”

Institute was established in 2015. The structure includes the chair of pedagogy, which has been tracing its history since 1922. Education and Research Center as well as Training center are also the parts of the institute. The main goal is to train highly qualified teachers, pedagogical retraining of non-teaching specialists. The mission of institute is to train a new teacher from point of view of modern approach of pedagogical area. On the other hand, it is inseparably linked with a new approach of all pedagogical science, which is built on modern trends and technologies, findings and methodology, incorporating achievements in adjacent sciences.

From September, 2016 it will be planning to recruit students for Master`s degree programs, which will give an opportunity for contemporary teachers to realize themselves in new status of “teacher-researcher” and “resource teacher”.

Training center is a structural subdivision of the institute, which also develops the courses of training teachers as well as different trainings which are aimed at increasing and developing such professional skills as communication, self-direction, teamwork and management.


Mikhail A. Goncharov,
The director of the Higher school of education Institute
Associate Professor, PhD in Pedagogy
+7 (499) 792-29-63,

Aleksey N. Ryzhov,
Head of Department of the pedagogy
Associate professor, Doctor of Pedagogical Science
+7 (916) 285-99-68,

Anton A. Varlamov,
Head of the Department of the cognitive neurobiology
Associate professor, PhD in Biology
+7 965 351 4469,

Elena B. Kozerenko,
Head of the Department of computational linguistics and formal models of language
PhD in Philology
+7(499) 245 53 23,



Design and evaluation of educational programs and processes. Pedagogical education
2 years, full-time education

Pedagogy of professional education. Pedagogical education
2,5 years, part-time education

Cognitive studies in education. Psychological and pedagogical education.
2 years, full-time education

2 years, full-time education

General and typological linguistics. Linguistics
2 years, full-time education



119571, Moscow, 88 Vernadskogo prospect Str., metro station Yugo-Zapadnaya
+7 (499) 792-29-63