The scientific and research Department (SRD)

The scientific and research part was created in accordance with the order of the Ministry of the higher and secondary special education of the USSR from 27.06.1979 No. 942 and the Ministry of  Education of RSFSR from 05.12.1979 No. 352, the order of the rector No. 242 from 27.12.1979.

The scientific and research department (hereafter SRD) provides activity for development and increase of efficiency of scientific research and ensuring the unity of scientific and educational work of the university.

The scientific and research Department unites all scientific researches which are carried out by the university in accordance with a profile of preparation.
The main objectives of Scientific and research part are the organization and carrying out basic and applied researches in the field of natural, humanitarian and technical science, development of actual problems in higher education, acceleration of introduction of results of research work, involvement of teachers, students and graduate students to carrying out the research work and creation of conditions for use of results of research in educational process.

The SPD of MPGU carries out scientific researches in contact with other universities, Russian Academies of Sciences institutions and Russian joint stock companies through coordination of research topics, the organization of joint scientific researches, holding of conferences, meetings and the edition of scientific works.


Chief economist – Ekaterina A. Serova

Chief specialist — Natalia V. Bondareva, Elena Y. Salonikes



Moscow, Malaya Pirogovskaya str., 1/1, metro station Frunzenskaya

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