Internal competitions

Competitions of scientific works of MSPU in 2012.

Competition of educational and methodical works of MSPU in 2012.

Competition of student’s research works on sociology on receiving grants All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center —

Grants and competitions for young scientists —

Competitions on competition of medals of the Russian Academy of Sciences with awards for the young scientific Russian Academies of Sciences, other establishments, the organizations of Russia and for students of higher educational institutions of Russia are carried out annually in the following main directions of researches in the field of natural, technical and the

  • Mathematics
  • General physics and astronomy
  • Nuclear physics
  • Physicotechnical problems of power
  • Problems of mechanical engineering, mechanics and management processes
  • Informatics, computer facilities and automation
  • General and technical chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and technology of inorganic materials
  • Physical and chemical biology General biology
  • Physiology, Geology, geophysics, geochemistry and mountain sciences
  • Oceanology, physics of the atmosphere, geography
  • History
  • Philosophy, sociology, psychology and right
  • Economy
  • World economy and international relations
  • Literature and language
  • Development or creation of devices, techniques, technologies and new scientific and technical products of scientific and applied value.

Exhibition of Scientific and technical creativity of youth –

Open competition for the best scientific work of students of the universities in the natural, technical and humanitarian sciences.