MPGU Rector at International Rector’s Forum in Sevilla




MPGU Rector Alexey Lubkov participated in the 4th Forum of Russian and Ibero-American University Rectors and Presidents that started at the University of Seville in October 16-18th, 2019. The main discussions focused on the issues of the development of education and science, as well as role of universities today.

Representatives of more than 20 Russian institutions of higher education and 40 international educational organizations took part in the Forum. The Russian delegation was headed by the President of the Russian Union of Rectors Viktor Sadovnichy. He mentioned that the forum would contribute to increase in the number of joint MA programs, number of exchange students from state partners and strengthening collaborations in science. He read out loud a message from the Minister of science and higher education of Russia M. Kotukov, in which the Minister points out the significance of the Forum, given that it gathered the biggest number of university representatives in its history. The result of the Forum, according to Kotukov, is expected to be an increase in ratings of the partner universities.

MPGU Rector Alexey Lubkov and Deputy head of International Relations Office Olga Morozova participated in the Forum. Alexey Lubkov became a moderator of the section «Alliances and networks» focused on creation and development of an extensive network of educational alliances. A variety of horizontal connections, according to MPGU Rector, strengthenes pedagogical professional community and its influence on the civil society. We are the foundation, the institutes of the civil society that balances the whole social organism.

Apart from the discussion on the perspectives of development of educational alliances, the participants talked about university systems, plurilinguism, academic cooperation as a stumulant for students’ employment, networking and innovation technologies. MPGU delegation participated in speed-dating sessions, had official meetings with heads of ministeries and educational institutions of Spain, Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba.

MPGU representatives also visited the University of Sevilla where they signed a cooperation agreement between the two universities.

The University of Seville dates to the 15th century, it is one of the top-ranked universities in the country and has a present student body of over 75,000 people. Since 2016 it’s Rector is Doctor D. Miguel Ángel Castro Arroyo.



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