Academic Mobility

Information for exchange students
Before arrival:
The tuition at MPGU in the framework of academic mobility is available for students who:
• Are studying at the partner university of MPGU
• Were nominated by Home University
• Has the following language level English- B1 or Russian –A2
The list of the necessary documents
• Motivation letter
• Signed learning agreement
Online Application form
• Transcripts or Records
• Copy of the passport
In order to make the invitation we ask you to send us by any convenient ways (e-mail, fax, post) a photocopy of your passport and a form that should be filled in Russian. Your invitation will be issued in Moscow by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation OR by MPGU. The payment for the invitation will depend on the duration of your stay and on the urgency.
After arrival:

Please complete the housing registration

How to get to the dormitory

Option 1 (for groups of students)

We can meet you at the airport by University car only if your arrival time — from Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 17.00 (in case of availability of free cars)

Option 2

(In case you arrive at another time or there are no available cars at the University)

After the arrival to the airport, please find Aeroexpress train. (Find more inmormation here) This train makes trips to Rail Terminal. Travel time is 45 minutes. Trains run without stopping. The price of a standard class one-way ticket in electronic sales channels – Aeroexpress website, mobile application — is RUB 400, in ticket offices, ticket vending machines, the Troika card and Pay@Gate service at turnstiles – RUB 450. You can buy tickets before your trip on the wedsite.

Our students will meet you on Rail Terminal in Moscow. He will wait you with a sign «Moscow State University of Education». He will help you to get to the dormitory by metro.

Option 3

(In case you arrive at another time or there are no available cars at the University or you don’t want to travel by metro)

Taxi. (You can find the taxi offices at the airports). You can print in advance and show the driver the following address:

Москва, Проспект Вернадского, дом 88, корпус 1. Общежитие 1.

After arriving to the dormitory find room 701.

Accommodation in the Dormitories

The foreign students get accommodation in the dormitories of the university. The dormitories were built in accordance with modern standards.

All dormitories are close to the academic buildings.

The price varies from 3000 to 9000 rubles rubles per month (depend on the type of dormitory and room). In case of a special agreement between MPGU and foreign university the accommodation may be free.

The address of the Dormitories:

Dorm.1 – Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo 88/1

Dorm.3 – Moscow, Prospekt Vernadskogo 88/3

In these dormitories, each compartment consists of two rooms. 2 students live in each of the rooms. In every apartment, there is a bathroom, restroom, and refrigerator. It is possible to rent a TV-set and a phone. Kitchens can be situated either in the apartment or on the floor. Internet will be provided by the additional amount of fee.

There are shops, cafes, hair- dressers and phones on the ground floors of every building. There are a few computer classes with the free access to the Internet in the building of Humanities.

Tel.: (495) 438-18-30

On the next day after arrival you have to visit international Relations Office.
The address of the University: Malaya Pirogovskaya street, 1/1, metro station Frunzenskaya. 3rd floor, room 322,323

You should bring the passport, migration card and 10 black and white photos (3×4)

Please note that all foreign residents must be registered with migration authorities within three work days upon their entry to Russian Federation!

To be in touch with the staff of the International Relations Office you have to buy Russian SIM card for your mobile phone and leave us the number.


Each time after returning to Moscow from abroad, foreign students must present their documents for registration to the International relations office!

In case of nonappearance at the International Relations Office after arrival to Moscow within 3 working days, the presence of the foreign student on the territory of the country will be determined in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

Medical insurance

Incoming students are required to have medical insurance.

Incoming students need to get insurance policy and pass the medical inspection.

The insurance can be obtained in one of insurance companies that provide insurance for foreign students during their stay in the Russian Federation.

The insurance policy is completed in the International Relations Office.

The policy allows to receive high-quality medical services at any time. The policy includes possibility of passing the annual health inspection and the 24-hour treatment in medical centers.

The price is (approximately):

  • For 1 month – 2 940 RUB,
  • For 4 months – 4 900 RUB,
  • For 6 months – 5 880 RUB,
  • For 12 месяцев – 9 800 RUB.

All information about medical centers will be presented in the International Relations Office after arrival.

After visiting International Relations Office You should visit the medical centre.

The document confirming that you’re healthy must contain the information about the results of photoroentgenography, HIV and Hepatitis testing.

After medical inspection you will be given two copies of the document confirming that you’re healthy. You bring these documents to the International Relations Office and to the Dormitory number 1.


The documents for a visa and registration extension must be presented 30 days before the end of their term.

To obtain a multiple visa you need to have the originals of documents:

  1. Confirmation of payment of registration fee for a multiple entry visa of 1600 rubles;
  2. Passport;
  3. Migration card;
  4. Registration;
  5. 3 photos;
  6. A completed application form (Form №3 according to the sample number 3);
  7. A completed visa application form (Form №5 according to the sample number 5).

You also need the copies of following documents:

  1. Copy of the passport, migration card and visa on the same sheet (according to the sample number 2);
  2. Registration
  3. Copy of the order (on admission / extension studies)
Exchange programs
Programs of study

One year Access Course for beginners.

Programme of the Course includes:

  1. Conversation
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Basics of Grammar
  5. Phonetics
  6. Basics of Speech Etiquette
  7. Preparation for the Test on the 1st Certificate level which allows to continue education in Russian universities.

Courses of Russian as a Foreign Language are oriented towards everybody who wishes to improve their knowledge of the Russian language.

Programme of the Course includes:

  1. Conversation and speech practices
  2. Reading
  3. Writing
  4. Grammar
  5. Phonetics
  6. Stylistics
  7. Speech Etiquette
  8. Russian Literature
  9. Basics of Russian History
  10. Basics of Russian Culture.

Courses for philologists and teachers of the Russian language.

Programme of the Course includes:

  1. Business course of Russian
  2. Theoretical Grammar
  3. Theoretical Phonetics
  4. Difficulties of Stylistics
  5. Difficulties of Lexicology and Grammar
  6. Methods of Teaching of the Russian Language
  7. Basics of Russian History
  8. Basics of Russian Culture.

Participating MPGU students are eligible to enroll in any program of study at the faculties of MPGU for which they are linguistically and academically qualified.

Academic calendar

The period of education is 1 year or 1 semester

  • I semester: 1st of September – 31st January
  • Exams: 10th — 25th of January
  • II semester: 10th of February – 30th of June
  • Exams: 1st – 25th of June
  • 25th of January – 7th of February
  • 1st of July – 31st of August